Centralia Youth Initiative’s (CYI) educational program has one simple shared goal with the youth that are impacted – to reach out to a child, to teach, to mentor, and assist in their educational life.

The mission of our educational program is to enhance educational opportunities for children through 8th grade within the Centralia area public school systems. We do this by offering the following:
  • Math & Reading after-school tutoring programs which are established and designed to support local schools in raising the level of reading and math proficiency in students during a critical period of educational foundation building.
  • Centralia Junior High (5th-8th Grades)
  • Lincoln School (4th Grade)
  • Jordan School (1st-3rd Grades)
  • Schiller School (1st-3rd Grades)
  • Educational materials (Books, learning guides, etc…) are donated to ensure students have access to resources required to build a strong educational foundation.
Q & A with Tron Young (Centralia Junior High School Principal)

How does the Centralia Youth Initiative educational program benefit the school and children?
The Centralia Youth Initiative provides extra funding to support extending the school day for our students. This program has been beneficial in establishing a culture of assisting students in the understanding and mastery of content. Additionally, we are able to provide students a resource that studies have proven to be beneficial, more time in school. Teachers can provide the extra time on class work that struggling students often need to understand concepts and hone reading and math skills.

How is the grant/donation used to benefit?
The grant that Centralia Junior High School receives pays for staffing needs for an After School Study Tables program. Students who have trouble with completing homework outside of school are assigned Study Tables. The students work in a small group setting with a certified teacher to assist with homework completion. Because of this grant, any student can stay for After School Study Tables and receive support and assisting in doing homework and/or studying for test and quizzes.

What are the main goals of the Centralia Junior High Educational Program sponsored by the Centralia Youth Initiative?

  1. Increase student ability to understand school work
  2. Provide an environment where students can get direct assistance from a teacher
  3. Reduce the variable of students not having outside support for homework assistance